14826-apple-logo-1366x768-computer-wallpaper (1)In a surprise announcement, Apple has started engaging on social media through a newly launch @AppleSupport account.


This is surprising due to the fact that Apple has usually been known to be social media averse.  Usually, the company would usually engage in one-on-many broadcast mediums such as TV and print media.

Customer service on Twitter is a pretty big move for Apple for 2016, as Twitter announced enhanced customer experience tools in February, with the ability that would allow customers to engage in private conversations through direct messages.There is also the newly launched customer feedback feature that lets customers privately share opinions with businesses after a service interaction.

This actually isn’t the first time Apple has dipped a toe into the Twitter swimming pool, as they launched @AppleMusicHelp back in October, which focused on iving users assistance with Apple Music.  @AppleSupport was launched possibly due to the irrelevant questions posted to their music Twitter account.

As of this writing, the Apple Support account already has 56.3K followers.

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