apple-logoOne of the many announcements that was made during Apple’s developer conference on June 13, there was the anticipated news that Siri would be opened up to third-party developers.  Through a new API, developers would be able to enable their apps to work with Siri:


For the first time, developers can build on the intelligence Siri offers and let users interact directly with apps using just their voice. SiriKit helps developers easily design their apps to work with Siri for messaging, phone calls, photo search, ride booking, personal payments and workouts, or use Siri to control CarPlay apps, access climate controls or adjust radio settings within automakers’ apps.

There were some third-party apps that Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior VP,  that were referenced, such as WeChat, Uber, Lyft, Square Cash, and other examples of the new Siri integration and capabilities.

Since Microsoft brought Cortana to the PC with Windows 10, and Facebook has been putting more resource into developing its assistant capabilities, it would make sense that Apple would trying bringing greater utility to Siri via third-party integration.