Apple TopsyFor those who loved using Topsy, the leading Twitter search engine back in the day, there is some sad news, as Apple has quietly shut it down just two years after acquiring the search engine.

To help drive the point home that Topsy is done, they announced it on Twitter saying, “We’ve searched our last tweet.”

If you decided to visit the Topsy website,, you’ll be redirected to the how to search on iOS help page.  Simply, it’s a 301 redirect that leads you to an old Apple help resource page.

Right now, there isn’t any reason or explanation as to why Topsy was closed, and nothing about the news can be found on Apple’s help page.  This can lead to confusion for those who are searching for a Twitter search engine, or who wants to find out how to search on there iOS device.

You can see the other coverage of Topsy being taken offline on Techmeme.


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