Apple Touts App-Store Success: $20B In 2015, 4.5 Million Jobs

14826 apple logo 1366x768 computer wallpaper 1 Not too long ago, there were reports that says Apple had roughly 50 percent of all devices activations over the holidays.  There is now a press release from Apple that reports a $20 billion in App-Store earnings in 2015, as well as over $1 billion coming in the two weeks that ended January 3:

In the two weeks ending January 3, customers spent over $1.1 billion on apps and in-app purchases, setting back-to-back weekly records for traffic and purchases. January 1, 2016 marked the biggest day in App Store history with customers spending over $144 million. It broke the previous single-day record set just a week earlier on Christmas Day.

The release also highlighted the company’s revenue generation for developers.  Since 2008, Apple says that it has earned developers almost $40 billion.”  They also say that about a third of that came from 2015 alone.

It was also stated that the App Store and app ecosystem have helped to create 4.5 million jobs globally.  In just the US alone, two million jobs have been added into the fold.  This figures come from a report called “App Economy Jobs in the United States” by Dr. Michael Mandel, Progressive Policy Institute.

Although Apple seems to be doing quite well in the financial department, investors have been recently selling Apple shares due to the fear that demand for the iPhone is soft.  Despite the current performance of Apple, it looks like these fears aren’t totally unfounded.  In a report by Nikkei, Apple has been cutting orders to component supplies due to weaker demand for the iPhone 6s.

We’ll see how well Apple is doing when they release their scheduled holidy earnings report on January 26.

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