Applying Lessons from the Publishing Industry to SEO Consulting

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BooksOne of the most important factors is SEO is the creation of content.  Not just any old content will do.  Unique and high quality content is key for ranking well in the search engines.  After all, great content is what people are looking for, right?  Who wants to read bland, boring content that doesn’t bring anything new to the table?

Sarah Kershaw, a contributor for Moz, wrote a post that concentrates on the idea of content and how to work with it in the coming year.  More specifically, Sarah has began to think about publishers and their plans for 2014.  She wanted to learn about what their strategies entailed.  After all, isn’t it the publishing industry that leads the way in terms of content techniques and products?

In this case, SEOs might be able to take a page from the publishing industry’s playbook and learn from them.  Sarah’s post looks at opportunities that publishers are pursuing this year.  In her post, Sarah tells us what they could be doing, as well as letting us in on some tips on how to present these ideas to clients.

Check out Sarah’s post with the following link found below.

Column: Applying Lessons from the Publishing Industry to SEO Consulting


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