Are 404 & Soft 404 Errors Google Actually Ranking Factors?

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Before we continue, what are 404 errors? Not surprisingly, these errors let you know that there is an error with your request, and it could stem from mistyping the URL, or if the URL is right, the page either doesn’t exist or is temporarily not available. A good 404 page would recognize the mistake, and guide the user back to relevant pages on the site you’re looking on.

Soft 404 errors are a type of URL that returns a page that tells the user that the page doesn’t exist and also a 200 status code. A soft 303 error will be shown when Google’s algorithms detect that the page is an error based on its content.

But do these two types of 404s affect your Google Search rankings?

Google says no, but there is an exception. To find out what the exception is, you can find out in the column written by Kristi Hines for Search Engine Journal in the link below.

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