Bing-Ads-vs.-Google-AdWords1When you have a ton of information put into Google AdWords, it would be pretty difficult and time consuming to transfer all that content from AdWords to Bing Ads.  It would but be easy to give up, but luckily, if you want to import your information from AdWords to Bing Ads without the manual labor, you can use the “Import from Google AdWords” feature.  It’s quite useful, as I’m sure any webmaster or SEO will tell you.

Despite the ease of being able to import from AdWords to Bing Ads, it’s not as simple as that.  There are some extra additional optimizations, which there are some unique to Bing Ads, that could help you make sure that you’re getting the most ROAS from your campaigns.

If you take the time to do some tweaking to your imported Bing Ads list, it’ll be worth the effort.  Not only will it help your bottom line, but it’ll help you avoid some errors that could cost you big time.

There are some common mistakes that can be made if you aren’t careful.  But luckily, we’ve got  to watch our backs.  She has a post on Search Engine Land that covers five common mistakes when porting campaigns over from AdWords to Bing Ads.  Check them out by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: Are You Making These 5 Mistakes When Importing From AdWords To Bing Ads?