Are You Thinking About Marketing On Reddit?

Reddit logo You’ve been doing a lot of marketing lately.  You’ve hit up Facebook and Twitter.  You’ve been pushing those emails to your subscriber base.  What else could you possibly do?  Another direction you could take your marketing efforts is Reddit

Posting something on Reddit is easy, as it’ll get some good exposure.  After all, it is the “front page of the “front page of the internet.”

Of course, creating content and slapping it onto Reddit isn’t as easy as 123.  It may not seem like it, but Reddit can be one of the more difficult places online to market.  It might be easy to put something up on the website for people to see, but there is even a hint of a marketing angle in it, people will sniff it out and call you out on it.  To market correctly on Reddit, you have to go to great lengths to make sure you won’t get called out, because if you are, you’ll get down-voted for it.  Once that’s happened, your content won’t be seen by very many others.  Plus, with so many down-votes, people will perceive your content as garbage without even clicking on your Reddit title link.  What’s worse is when you get called out on a subreddit that is dedicated to outing people who failed to market on Reddit.  That subreddit is called r/hailcorporate.

The lesson we should be taking out of this kind of situation is to know how to post your content correctly so that you won’t have any issues with people saying something negative about your marketing efforts.  There is a quick start guide on Marketing Land that you should read so that you have a painless entry into the world of Reddit.  Check out the article, So You Want To “Market On Reddit”, which was written by .


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