During a vacation to Isreal, Barry Schwartz got to talk to Ari Nahmani from Kahena. They spoke about two topics; hyperlocal SEO and managing e-commerce in Google search.

From the local SEO perspective, Ari explained how local SEO can be more complex than the regular SEO due to the factor of proximity, as well as many other things. Regarding multinational brands with several locations, things can get even more complicated. The key is to make sure you’re completely able to report on conversions and show the value to customers.

When it comes to e-commerce, it can be challenging, but you’re not competing with just Amazon but the entirety of Google search results, such as Google Ads, product listing ads, e-commerce boxes and more.

You can follow Ari Nahmani at @AriNahmani on social and on his web site at Kahena.com.

SourceBarry Schwartz