Automate Your SEO Reporting by Exporting Your Leads into Excel

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Email-lead-capture-300x299Working as an SEO for other people (aka the clients), can be quite challenging.  The number of hours it takes to put them into a final, months end report for the client can make it quite exhausting from the SEOs end.  Collecting email leads from web forms is just part of this exhaustive process.  You’ve got to verify, download, and export them.  It’s very time consuming.  But what you get from the process is defiantly worth it.  So, there has to be a way to optimize this so that it doesn’t feel like you’re spending nearly as much time as you would normally.

Brian Harnish, a contributor of Moz, says that there is a way that can shave hours off the tedious work it would take to collect those cherished email leads.  All it takes is using standalone programs or macros.  But what do you with these standalone programs that could help you save a ton of time?

Brian will help with that!  In his post, he will tell you have to get that list of emails exported, nicely and neatly, to an Excel spreadsheet.

What does this process entail?  Find out with the link to Moz below:

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