In case you didn’t know, in-market audiences are a fairly new addition to the paid search world.  In-market audiences are audiences that Google/Bing have deemed to be in the market for a specific product, based on intent signals from their browsing history.  Essentially, in-market audience are more like to convert than your average user.  The selection of categories is already quite extensive, with more to come.

In general, it works well enough.  Add a couple in a campaign with a 0% bid modifier, collect data on how they perform, and then bid up or down on them.  The results are pretty good, in which case you’ll want to raise bids as soon as possible.  But there is something you’ll want to keep in mind – don’t go hog wild, as they’re not infallible.  You have to keep an eye on in-market audiences since performance can decline with them.

In this case, monitoring campaigns and adjusting bids accordingly is the important thing to keep in mind when dealing with in-marketing audiences.  But who wants to do that manually?  This is why you’ll want a script to help you out with this.

[To check out the script, head over to Search Engine Land]

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