BuysellWhen it comes to websites, there are two ways that you could get your hands on one.  You can either make one from scratch, or you could buy one that’s already been built.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.  By making your own website, you can make sure it’s built specifically to how you want it to look and operate.  But buying a website, rather than building out, is a great shortcut to establishing your online presence.

Buying a website means that you are saving time and effort, but you’re also buying an inventory, customer goodwill, and online marketing.  If you buy the right site, the value is immeasurable.

But, of course, there will always be risks when purchasing a website.

There are a number of expert buyers who knows what to look for, and what not to look for when it comes to purchasing a website. But for every handful of expert buyers, there are a number of those who don’t know what they’re doing.  Mistakes are bound to happen, and some of them end up in bad financial situations.

So how do you know what kind of websites to buy, and which ones not to touch with a ten-foot pole?

Mark Daoust, a contributor for Search Engine Journal, has asked his team to identify some common mistakes that they see buyers making when they are purchasing a website.  The team came up with 8 mistakes that buyers can  make, and Mark as taken this list and put them in a convenient list for us all to learn from.  Check out Mark’s list on Search Engine Journal by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes When Buying a Website