Oh Twitter, how do we love thee and your simplicity.  We love the messages that other Tweeters tweet and place unbashingly onto our Twitter News Feeds.  But what is this?  Is that change I smell coming?


There is a new feature coming to Twitter that shows you tweets that happened “While you were away.”  This feature has started showing up for a number of users, and is compiling top Tweets that have occurred since the last time a user has signed in.  So what’s so great about the “While you were away” feature?  It would allow a tweet to extend its life on a user’s News Feed, allowing it to gain more traction.  Besides, sometimes it can be nice to see tweets you’ve missed.  Imagine important or interesting tweets you’ve probably missed.

Currently, Twitter is using an alert system that will show users important Tweets, but wit this new system, we’d see the best of the best unseen Tweets.


In my opinion, this could make Twitter much more interesting.  Although I think Twitter is alright as it is, because of the general format, and constant posts, it’s very easy to miss any number of Tweets that have popped up while you were away.  So instead of  scrolling through the current timeline of seemingly endless Tweets, we’d be able to seen the best content right away.  This could be great for marketing as well.  If a marketing Tweet makes it out onto the Twitter News Feed, there’s a higher chance that the Tweet will live longer and be seen by a higher number of potential consumers.

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