Are you marketing a local business?  Is that local business missing out on a slew of B2B opportunities?  Are B2B brands even able to qualify for local SEO?

If you think tech when you think B2B, then that’s a thought you should try to break free from.  There are B2B companies that provide services that are not just tech.  Look at Moz, MailChimp and Hootsuite.  These businesses are primarily digital.  But rather than focusing on these types of businesses, let’s take a look at physical businesses that you are promoting and is eligible to be marketed as both a local business, as well as a B2B.

To determine your eligibility, find your B2B opportunities, identify tips specific to your business model, analyze an outreach email, explore your content with a checklist, and find an advantage for you, check out the following article on Moz.

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Source – Miriam Ellis