One of the huge benefits about paid search is that you can track everything. When somebody visits your store after spotting a billboard or TV ad, you won’t be able to track that.

But when somebody sees a paid search ad and visits your website, you know exactly how they came to your site. Not only that, you know exactly what ad brought them, what copy they responded to and what search term triggered your add.

But, because there’s so much data out there, it can be difficult to figure out what it all means, or even what to do with it. How do you sort through the likes of impression counts, click-through rates and cost per click? How do you use your paid search metrics to make intelligent decisions?

A lot of this data can be difficult to interpret properly, and even those who are experienced in the field often draw the wrong conclusions from their data or focus on the wrong metrics in their accounts. If you find yourself staring at your paid search account and wondering what you’re missing, the article found on Search Engine Land is for you!

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SourceJacob Baadsgaard