Banana suits and online marketing strategies: innovation gets you places

Have you ever noticed that guy jamming out to his music with a banana suit on while twirling a sign? Turns out that craziness has a name, it’s street corner advertising, and some businesses say it works!!

Would this work as a new online marketing strategy? After all – offline (traditional) advertising is still a large source of website traffic for many businesses. Some businesses are saying that the street corner advertisers are actually driving extra traffic to their online and storefront business. Weird, I know, but haven’t we all noticed the sign holders before? I think I have noticed them before, but more often than not, I don’t pay attention to what the sign says… I’m usually laughing at the dancing or the silly suit the person is wearing.

The pros of street corner advertising would be that it is inexpensive, effective, and easy (as long as you’re not the one in the suit). Most people are drawn to motion, so if they see a big sign moving around on a busy street, it could get your business noticed. A good way to use street corner advertising would be to try it out for a big sale, promotion or event.

The cons would be that maybe you stand outside (in a banana suit) all day and you don’t drive any extra traffic to your business. Maybe your sign is tacky and it actually deters people away from your business. Or you hire someone for that banana suit and they are having too much fun dancing and ruin your sign and your whole street corner advertising campaign!

The moral of this story is this: go dig out that banana suit from your basement, or hire someone else if you’re too embarrassed to do it yourself, and try it out! Unique and innovative forms of advertising are becoming more popular these days, and this is definitely one of them!

What does it hurt to try?