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Barnacles1-1024x684When you think of sea life, what’s some of the things you may think of?  Fish?  The Great Barrier Reef?  All of those are good answers, but have you thought of barnacles?  Barnacles are are type of creature living in the sea that attaches itself to something fixed so that it can benefit by getting what it wants by utilizing currents.  Basically, it’s not really doing all the work itself, it’s placing itself in the right spot so that the object it’s placed on will help bring in the things it needs, such as food.

You have probably heard of the term, barnacle SEO.  Just like real life barnacles, barnacle SEO has a similar strategy as it’s real life counter part.  There are times when, no matter how good you are at SEO, you find it difficult to get certain keywords to rank well, as they are competitive.  Almost a little too competitive.  In this sort of situation, you may want to think about using barnacle SEO.  If you can strategically align yourself with a larger, more target keyword successful website, you may actually be able to reap the benefits that that larger website is getting.

Today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday has Rand Fishkin talking about using barnacle SEO to leverage other sites’ rankings.  Rand explains what you can do to go about getting this done.  Check out his Whiteboard Friday video now!

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