Bazaarvoice’s visualization of its network.

Bazaarvoice’s visualization of its network.Display       

Bazaarvoice’s cloud-based software, for over 5000 brands, allows visitors to rate or review products, or even upload product-related imagery.

Now, the company is taking the next step by announcing a first-party data-based ad platform that targets these visitors with ads and offers that relate to the products that they have see, rate and review.

Bazaarvoice says that their network if sites and apps reaches three out of four shoppers in the US, tracked via cookies or mobile device IDs.  The ratings, reviews and consumer-generated content are even syndicated throughout its network, which includes the likes of Best Buy, Chico’s, Crate & Barrel and Adidas.

“Once we see that a consumer is in-market for sneakers and goes to a retailer

[site],” VP of Brand Partnerships Graham Harris said, “we can build a segment for that kind of shopper.”

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