So you’re trying to reach as many people in your target market as you can, right?  Sure, you’ll want to use channels like AdWords to get your business in front of others, but Bing Ads is another one you want to make sure utilize.

Just because Bing can often get a bad rap, as it’s viewed as “the other search engine.”  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any users!

Right now, Bing takes about 7 percent of the worldwide search engine market share, including over 20 percent of US desktop search market share.  If you didn’t utilize Bing, you’re throwing a lot of users away.

But, you don’t have to ignore it!  Bing has their own PPC marketing service that is a lot like Google’s AdWords platform.

There is an article written by  that well help us on what you need to know about running ads on Bing.

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