beginners-guideWhen it comes to small budget local clients, how do you deal with them?  Are you going to put a lot of time and effort into them to make sure things work out, or are you going to only put some time into them and then move on, merely because they have a smaller budget?

We know that every marketing and SEO company is going to handle this situation differently, but what is the correct way to handle something like this?  Naturally, when you’re dealing with small budget local clients, you know that you have to put some time and effort into them, but for a smaller pay out.

Does this make small accounts bad?  Not necessarily.   used to work in landscape maintenance.  Back in the day, he certainly had his fair share of large clients.  Due to that, most of the money made was from those clients, but he did end up doing small clients as well, although not as often.  Luckily, they were quick and easy to deal with, but there was more overall down time when it came to travel time, account management, gas and the like.  Overall, the profit margin was still about the same.

In this column, Kalee discusses the idea (for SEO and marketing, not landscaping) that doing small client work can be tough, because of the limited budget that they have.  It’s pretty difficult to work on marketing, ranking factors, social media and the creation of content with such a small budget.  Basically, it can be done, just not all at once.  This is something your client have to understand.

Kalee asks the question, “how do you maximize value for a small budget local client?”  This is the lead question the rest of Kalee’s column helps to answer.

Just follow the link below and find out what you can do to help a small budget client with their online marketing and SEO: