Now that we’ve reached our 100th episode of our Here’s Why digital marketing video series, let’s stop for a moment and take a look back at some of the best tips and insights Mark and Eric have shared. BONUS! Hidden in this episode are two never-before-seen content marketing tips from Eric.

Some excerpts from this episode:

“Too many sites have become sloppy and difficult to use. Mobile first pushes us back to a better user experience, which means happier users.”

“Links remain a big factor in the search rankings. But if your campaign isn’t working for you, what you ought to do is check to see if the pages that you’re attracting links from are relevant enough to the content that you’re linking to.”

“Just getting more readers on their site is probably not the thing that most businesses should be concerned about. If you are not a publisher, then you are probably selling products or services. And therefore, your ultimate success metric is increasing leads or sales. “

“In competitive business markets, it’s imperative that you build a strong impression for your brand. Brand reputation can have a big impact in the buyer journey. It’s critical to become top-of-mind when a potential customer is considering her choices. Only high quality content can contribute to that.”

“Make really good stuff and market it effectively. In the case of content marketing, the good stuff is the content that goes above and beyond in creating delight, trust, and respect in your target audience. The marketing part is effectively sharing and promoting that content, getting in front of the right eyes, and if it’s really good, that’s where the earned link opportunities kick in.”