Moz-logoWell folks, MozCon is beginning to creep up on us, and it’s coming up fast!  In just a little over a month, any of the ticket holders will be able to take part in one of the big SEO shows in Seattle, which takes place between July 14 and 16.  With such a short amount of time left, Moz finally has their agenda finalized, their speakers chosen, and all that good stuff set up!

Of course, if you are planning on going to MozCon, you should probably be getting the tickets soon, right?  So you should probably do that right now before it’s too late!

 has written a Moz Blog post that is designed to help get you excited for MozCon by showing you seven videos from the past two MozCons.  In the excitement leading up to this year’s MozCon, the videos that are shown in Erica’s post are now free for the first time!  The included videos are all presented by Phil Nottingham, Jenny Lam, Dr. Pete Meyers, Paddy Moogan, Dana DiTomaso, Jonanna Lord, and Matthew Brown.

So perhaps it would be a great idea to check them out!

To view this awesome videos, follow the link below!

Moz Blog: The Best of MozCons Past: 7 Future-Facing Videos