Best Practices For How To Use Header Tags

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Header tags are an important part of SEO because they are necessary for both usability and SEO of your web page. Search engines typically take keywords from content in order to develop the context of a web page.

They indicate headings on a web page by using code to tell a web browser how to display content. This is why and how they organize your content into a format that’s easy to read. Not only that, in general structure and readability, heading tags can improve accessibility for people who can’t easily read screens.

Even after all this time, header tags are a good signal for SEO, which was confirmed by John Mueller of Google.

“[W]hen it comes to text on a page, a heading is a really strong signal telling us this part of the page is about this topic.”

What are some of the best practices you should be following when crafting your header tags? Let’s find out in the following Search Engine Journal column.

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