Beyond Search: Unifying PPC and SEO on the Display Network

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Google display networkWhat two things go great together?  To me, one of my favorite things to mash up would be chocolate and peanut butter.  Those two flavors go so well together, and it makes me wonder how I could live without that delicious concoction.

Although the thoughts of chocolate and peanut butter are making me hungry, we aren’t here to discuss culinary delights.  We are here to discuss something else more important that goes well together.  In this case, we are talking about PPC and SEO.  Both of these online marketing points aren’t just great for getting a website to become more well known and visible to your potential audience by themselves, but together, they work even better.

With PPC, you can use your monetary resources to help ensure a better place in the search results, and with your SEO knowledge of organic lists, things can work wonders for your site.  Anthony Coraggio is here to give some techniques that will help boost your paid/organic collaboration into overdrive, and by doing this, you’ll get way more positive results out of this combo of efforts instead of what you’d get with either PPC or SEO alone.

You can find these techniques by following the link below to Anthony’s post on Moz.com where he’ll discuss the world of possibilities that you can get in the SERPS on the Google Display Network when you combine PPC and SEO together into an ultimate marketing team.

Moz Blog: Beyond Search: Unifying PPC and SEO on the Display Network

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