Bing Adds 2016 Rio Olympic Games Search Feature & “Events to Watch” Prediction Tool

In the spirit of the Olympic spirit, Bing has decided to bring the 2016 Rio Olympic Games into its search results, as well as launch its “Events to Watch” feature, which recommends must-see Olympic evens based on Bing Predicts technology.

Now, and Olympic related search done on Bing will deliver a Rio Games box with tabs that let users navigate between Sports, Athletes, Schedule, Medals and Dail Predicts.

Bing Olympics 2016

Bing is going to keep track of the number of medals won by each country, and update daily their newly launched “Events to Watch,” suggesting the most anticipated 2016 Olympic events.

Bing says that the “Events to Watch” feature will deliver an optimized schedule of “must-watch” Olympic events based on projected upsets, new world records and the likelihood of a close competition, which will be calculated using Bing Predicts technology.

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