A new feature has been rolled out by Bing that is aimed at hikers and campers, which will make it easier to find trails and camping sites this summer.

In the announcement, if a user does a search for “trails near me,” they will get presented with local results for nearby trails that cn be filtered by difficulty, length and elevation gain.  There’s even a “Compare” option that allows users to compare specific hikes to determine where they want to go.

The latest search update even works with searches to find nearby campsites, such as local campgrounds, as well as camping options at US national parks: “Bing helps you discover camping sites and RV parks in your area, along with all the details of each one, so you can plan your perfect camping getaway.”

This search feature works on both desktop and mobile.  Mobile trail searches even include links to live directions for your hike.

There is even a flight status search box and parking options for all major US airports for anybody who wants to travel by air to a national park.

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