Bing-logo-orange-RGBBing would love to bring more users via its homepage, and what are they doing to do it?  They’re doing trivia, that’s what!

The site started posting trivia questions last month in place of “hotspots” on  The trivia questions will relate to the image of the day found on Bing’s homepage, and display when you hover over the graduation cap icon that now shows on the site.

Bing Trivia

If you answer the question presented, a three-question quiz will be launched at the top of a search results page for whatever the correct answer is.  The quiz interface will list the correct answer, further on that topic, as well as the option to answer the next question.

Bing Trivia Answer

Something else Bing offers, aside from the daily quizzes, is a weekly news and trends quiz that is posted on Fridays.  They will be found in the “Popular Now” carousel tha truns across the bottom of the homepage.

Users who are also members of Bing Rewards will be able to earn credit by taking these quizzes, and the quiz scores are sharable on social sites.

According to Kristen Kennedy the senior managing editor, and Vinay Krishna, the senior program manager, they would like Bing’s homepage to be a source of inspiration for millions, as well as be an entry point to learn more about the world.

“We’re betting on the quiz format as the means of driving deeper exploration and serendipitous discovery,” writes Kennedy and Krishna on the Bing Search Blog.

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