In an announcement, Bing said that they are supporting the SpecialAnnouncement data type for coronavirus-related business, travel, government health agency and testing center updates.

If you apply the markup, it can produce a label that shows your special announcement that has a link to your site, in web, and local search results.

Businesses and agencies can use the markup to help communicate updates from the search results.

Business and travel-related special announcements must include the date it was posted and should include the announcement’s expiration date, if applicable.

The SpecialAnnouncement data type allows for date-stamped textual updates and markup to associate the announcement with a given situation and was introduced in version 7.0 on March 16.

Google does not yet support the SpecialAnnouncement data type, said the company’s Public Search Liaison Danny Sullivan on March 19.

SourceGeorge Nguyen