bing_ads_logoWhen Google AdWords’ rolled out their Upgraded URLs, Bing Ads didn’t want to let Google’s URL update roll past them unchallenged.  Soon, Bing Ads will be adding support for the new tracking parameter feature, which will help ensure a smooth process when migrating campaigns from AdWords.

Jamie Chung, the program manager at Bing Ads, said in a blog post on Tuesday that support for importing Upgraded URLs from AdWords will be available by early May.  The feature is going to be made available within the Bing Ads platform by the end of summer of 2015.

If advertisers are going to import their campaigns, Bing Ads will use existing AdWords tracking templates to create a destination URL for Bing Ads.  Keep in mind that Bing Ads users aren’t going to be able to import URLs with custom parameters.  Custom parameters are going to be skipped over during the import process.

The following chart shows which type of URL Bing Ads will use on a text ad, keyword or sitelink extension during an import form AdWords:


Additionally, Bing Ads are adding some support for the expanded use of ValueTack parameters, which is available in Upgraded URLs.  There will be three additional dynamic text parameters that Bing Ads will be supporting, and support for additional parameters are coming at a later date.  The full list of supported substitution parameters in Bing Ads is available here.


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