On January 7, Bing Ads announced the general availability of Performance Insights its native analytics and recommendation tool for identifying anomalies and changes in ad performance.

The tool, which utilizes machine learning, analyzes a user’s account performance data and that of their competitors to detect significant or unexpected changes in performance.

Bing Ads will display a performance insight, indicated by a light bulb icon, with details on what happened and suggested actions advertisers can take. From the pop up, campaign managers can access more details, review specific changes made to the account that led to the changes that led to the insight getting triggered.


Bing|Popup card with weekly click performance chart

Bing Ad’s tool will surface insights about daily performance at the account level for click and impression metrics.  The insights, when available, will appear in the performance charts int he UI.

We have begun applying machine learning to your campaigns to understand their typical performance characteristics so that when a change seems out of the ordinary, you’ll see a performance insight notification which you can click on to see our root cause analysis of why that spike or dip occurred,” Bing Ads engineering lead Dare Obasanjo, when Bing Ads first began rolling out the feature, along with other AI-powered reporting features, in September.

Users can remove insights at any time by simply clicking “Dismiss.”

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