On September 28, Bing Ads announced that there are some new features in Editor that’s related to ad extension management.

These new features are available for the Windows version of Bing Ads Editor.  Mac users will be able to get their hands on the new version soon.

Regarding ad extension scheduling, advertisers have the ability to control when their ads extensions are shown in Editor, such as date, day of the week and time of day.  There’s also support for times to be based on either the advertiser’s time zone or the searcher’s time zone.

These options let advertisers run ad extensions only during appropriate times and help to enhance relevance.  An example would be a restaurant who is offering food based on time of day, such as breakfast.  Advertisers would be able to schedule them to turn off when breakfast stops serving and turn on callouts for when dinner options begin.

The new scheduling options displayed when extensions are highlighted in Editor:

Clicking Edit in the Ad Schedule section of the editing pane brings up a scheduling window:

Something else that was upgraded by Bing Ads was the management capabilities of their Shared Library to include location and call extensions.  Advertisers are now able to create a library for each and quickly associate them to multiple campaigns in a few clicks.

With these upgrades, you’ll be able to save time going into individual campaigns one by one to assign these extensions, and it makes mass edits easier as well.  An example of this is, if a phone number changes, when the number in the Shared Library is updated, the new number will update and populate in all campaigns using it automatically.

These options appear in the Shared Library section in the left-hand margin:

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