Bing Ads Announces Syndication Deal With AdMarketplace, Gumtree.com

Bing ads logo This week, Bing Ads has announced a search advertising syndication deal with adMarketplace and Gumtree.com.

adMarketplace, who is based is based in New York City, serves ads in the internal search results pages on publisher sites, as well as n their apps.  the syndication deals allows Bing Ads advertisers to distribute content across adMarketplaces’ publisher network where relevant.

According to Bing Ads, the deal offers syndication to Rodale digital properties through adMarketplace’s partnership with fitness and healthy lifestyle publishing house, such as Men’s Health and Runners’ World and Prevention.

A Bing Ads spokesperson had a statement for Search Engine Land about the new deals, and this is what they said:

“We are constantly evaluating partnership opportunities with high-quality publishers in an effort to deliver Bing Ads advertisers more customer opportunities. AdMarketplace and Gumtree are new partnerships that reflect these efforts, in addition to Infospace and Savoo, both announced last quarter.”

Bing Ads has been in the works to offer advertisers more scale for a better part of a year, largely through integration with their own products.  Because of the launch of Windows earlier this year, Microsoft said that they are expecting a 10 to 15 percent lift in search volume as early as September, especially since Cortana and Bing are now more integrated into that OS.

Although unclear at this point, it is believed that this syndication deal might be in response to Microsoft’s renegotiated search deal with Yahoo this spring.  Regarding that agreement, Bing might lose almost half  (49 percent) of Yahoo desktop search query volume on top fo the 100 percent of mobile queries currently in play.  With the renegotiation, Yahoo was able to begin serving mobile ads through their own Gemini platform on Yahoo property search results last year.

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