I think it’s safe to say that there are those folks who run Bing Ads campaigns, but haven’t really checked out the mobile apps in a while.  But now that an update was released on Thursday, the apps are supporting multi-user access, as well as the ability to add funds for prepay accounts.  There are other features that aren’t as new that may be worth calling attention to.

If you’re managing multiple accounts with one email sign-on, it’s now possible to toggle between and add accounts in the app.   If you click on “Accounts” in the menu, it’ll bring up a list of all accounts available through the multi-user sign-on.

It’s now possible to navigate between accounts in the Bing Ads app.

It’s possible to set a date range and metric such as sped, revenue or conversions to see how all of your accounts are performing at a glance.

To dive into details of the account, just click on which ever account you want to see.  The account level dashboard displays Opportunities which can be applied within the app, performance metrics and a trends chart.  There is a Share of Voice pie chart that shows the accounts impressions share and percentage of impressions lost during the time period selected.  Clcik on the Share of Voice section in order to get an interactive visual of details, like impressions lost due to expected CTR or budget or bids.

It’s now possible to add funds right from the app if your accounts are set up as prepay for billing purposes.  You’ll get a notification on the main dashboard page in the app if your campaigns are paused due to insufficient funds.  There is also an option to add funds and apply the existing payment method you’ve set up in the Bing Ads web interface.

You can find the Bing Ads app on both iOS and Android.

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