Bing Ads has decided to change the name of Annotations, the set of artificial intelligence-powered ad extensions, to Automated Extension.  Bing Ads, is adding reporting on all Automated Extension in the web user interface (UI) , as well as the ability for advertisers to opt out of them.

All the information users get from Automated Extensions gets pulled from a number of sources, such as website content, ad descriptions, search query, Shopping feeds, third-party consumer reviews, and Twitter.  With automated extensions, it will save advertisers the time of creating them on their own, while providing the extra information in the ad and performance lift ad extensions can deliver.

Reporting on Automated Extensions can be found under the Ad Extensions tab in the UI.

New reporting is now available for Automated Extensions in Bing Ads.

Advertisers can opt out of all or individual Automated Extensions at the account level.

Currently, 10 Automated Extensions are available in Bing Ads:

  1. Automated Location Extensions.
  2. Consumer Ratings.
  3. Dynamic Ad Enhancements.
  4. Dynamic Callouts.
  5. Dynamic Partner Data Enhancements.
  6. Dynamic Sitelinks.
  7. Dynamic Structured Snippets.
  8. Longer Ad Headlines.
  9. Previous Visits.
  10. Seller Ratings.

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