bing_ads_logoFor those who advertise with Bing, it is good to note that Enhanced Sitelinks have been made available on Bing Ads in the U.S. and are going to be rolled out further to other markets through the end of the year.  So what’s great about Enhanced Sitelinks?  This feature offers two addition lines of copy below the link itself.

Based on reports that Bing Ads showed, those who were testing Enhanced Sitelinks noticed a CTR rise of 27%, all without any significant change in CPC.


There is one stipulation for Enhanced Sitelinks though.  They will only trigger for ads that are in the top position, and are much more likely to show on ads that are in high performing campaigns.  In this case, as a marketer, you probably don’t want to invest to heavily in this particular feature across all of your campaigns, only because the chance that they will trigger isn’t the highest.  It’s best to use Enhanced Sitelinks with brand campaigns and any other campaign that you know is doing very well.

At this point, Bing Ads is sitll experiment with optimizing the user experience for Enhanced Sitelink access across the Yahoo Bing Network, says Eliot Li, the program manager for Bing Ads. “For that reason, a portion of the network has not yet been enabled for Enhanced Sitelinks until we have determined the optimal user experience. We expect most of the US traffic in YBN will be enabled to serve Enhanced Sitelinks in the coming weeks,” he said in the announcement.

Original Source written by Ginny Marvin