bing_ads_logoBing Ads Editor version 10.9 has become available, and it is promising more speed and less memory drain.

Here’s a list of what you can expect speed-wise:

  • Big accounts in particular (which would range around 2 million keywords and 1 million ads) should certainly notice a speed difference.  According to Bing Ads, displaying large accounts is more than twice as fast, and downloading large accounts is 30 percent faster.
  • When looking at all account sizes, switching between built-in views is twice as fast and finding and replacing ads is up to four times faster in this new version of Bing Ads when compared to the previous version, according to the blog post. Switching between tabs should also be smoother.

When it comes to memory consumption, 10..9 should take up 70 percent less memory than before.

With 10.9, you can say good by to Wireless Application Protocol ads, as they are no longer supported.

Product ads, product ad extensions and product targets are all not going be be supported now that Bing Ads is adopting the Shopping Campaign format.  Currently though, Shopping Campaign support isn’t live yet.  You’ll have to manage those campaigns in the UI until then.

If you have the Bing Ads Editor already installed, you’ll get an alert that will allow you to update within the next few weeks.  You can also download it now here.


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