bing adsBing Ads Edtor (BAE) for Mac is a feature that has been highly requested on the Bing Ads user forum.  Word that Bing Ads began work on the Mac version got out back in November, and was scheduled for release in early summer 2016.

It’s now early summer, and the Bing Ads team has announced the beta version at SMX Advanced in Seattle on Wednesday.  It’s available in the US, and has parity with the PC version of BIng Ads Editor, which underwent a redesign in May.  This new version gained processing speed, multiple-account sign-in and cross-account cut-and-past, along with other features.  When  tested the Mac version of BAE, the speed was the first thing she’d noticed this week.

The following image showss off what the main campaign editing interface looks like.  It has a similar layout to AdWords Editor 11.


Some of the features of BAE that are of note includes advanced search and Advanced options capabilities.  You ca easily build and save multi-dimensional queries with advanced search.


By clicking on the Advanced Options menu, you’ll get a drop-down where you can do tings like adjust multiple campaign budget by a percentage or fixed amount with minimum and maximum thresholds in BAE.


Something else a BAE can do is import campaigns from AdWords into BAE.

All users are now able to sign up for the beta as of yesterday.  Bing Ads will accept beta testers from the US first, English-speaking users in other countries will get beta access by the end of summer.  Other supported languages and markets will come at some point after that.

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