Bing Ads Editor, which ran in beta in the US since June, is now available globally.

For quite a few years now, the Mac version of this desktop editing tool has been at the top of advertisers feature requests lists.  The Mac version has parity with the Windows desktop editor, which includes the ability to manage multiple accounts, as well as copy and paste items across accounts.

If you’re trying to make multiple updates to campaigns through the web interface, you know how it can be a slow process, and AdWords is no different in that respect. This is what the desktop version is here to fix.  Bing Ads Editor allows advertisers to build campaigns and make several changes at once.  Something else that advertisers can do is make edits to campaigns before pushing them live.

With a desktop editor for Mack now available, this could help increase adoption of Bing Ads by Mac-heavy advertisers and agencies.  The beta has largely been well reeived by advertisers, and Bing says the Mac Editor is faster than it was while it was in beta.

Advertisers can download Bing Ads Editor for Mac here.


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