Bing-logo-orange-RGBThe newest version of Bing’s desktop editor tool, Bing Ads Editor 11.2, now supports custom copy development for native ads.  Rather than creating a singe ad to be served in search and native ad placements, advertisers will be able to created ads specific to native placements on in bulk using the tool.

“Native ads perform better when they explain benefits and entice users to read more about a product and service, as opposed to a typical call to action in a search ad,” says Bing Ads in the announcement.

These native ads are set up in the same ad groups as search ads, and they will serve only for native placements as long as there is at least one search ad in the ad group.  If there isn’t, the native ad copy will be served in both search and native spots.  Chose “Native” as the “Ad format preference” in Bing Ads Editor.

The latest version of Bing Ads Editor also supports callout extensions, and will automatically de-dupe elements from campaigns imported from Google AdWords.

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