bing adsBing Ads has released a new version of Bing Ads Editor – shopping campaign management has arrived in version 11.4!  Now, it’s possible to create new Shopping campaigns and edit existing one in Editor.

In this newest version of Bing Ads Editor, there is a new Shopping settings tab that allows users to set the store ID, region of sale and campaign priority.


Bing Ads, who was looking to make it easier to bulk-manage product groups, did away with the need to have a parent product group ID for every product group.  Rather, the product group field contains the full path, and this makes it possible to make change without a parent ID, as well as making it easier to see parent product groups.  Additionally, the product groups align with AdWords Editor, meaning you can import a file exported from AdWords Editor into Bing Ads Editor.  You can even import Shopping campaigns from Google in the Bing Ads UI.

Another feature of this new update is the ability to change the Type, Bid and Destination URLs for product groups in the editor pane.  To edit product groups themselves in Bing Ads Editor, you can use Make multiple changes or Import a new file.

To use these features, you’ll need to make sure you’ve downloaded BAE ersion 11.  If you aren’t seeing these Shopping features, you’re probably still using version 10 and will need to download version 11 separately.

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