The newest version of Bing Ads Editor has come out.  With version 11.9, users will find support for Enhanced CPC bidding and the ability to export standard text ads to a spreadsheet formatted for enhanced text ads.

If you aren’t importing expanded text ads form AdWords, it’s possible to convert Bing Ads standard text ads to enhanced text ads (ETA) via Editor.  All you have to do is select “Export as expanded text ads” from the Export tab in the Ads view.  You will need to manually add a column titled “Title Part 2” to the Excel sheet.  Once the ads are updated to fit the ETA framework, you can import them back into Bing Ads Editor as Expanded Text Ads.

At the ad group or level, it’s possible to select Enhanced CPC from the Bid Strategy drop down in Editor, rather than Manual CPC.  Enhanced CPC adds an element of dynamic bidding in which bids may be increased automatically by up to 30 percent higher for searches that are deemed more likely to convert, as well as up to 100 percent lower on searches determined less likely to convert.

You can download Bing Ads Editor here.

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