Bing Ads has made it possible for advertisers to manage in-market audiences in Bing Ads Editor.

In-market audiences, currently available only in the US, are groups of people who are deemed to be in the process of making a purchase in a particular product or service category.  Numerous purchase intent signals from Bing, MSN and other Microsoft properties are all taken into account in Bing Ads’ algorithms.

Now with Bing Ads Editor, it’s possible to create, change and delete in-market audience associates and negative associations across multiple ad groups.  In the following screenshot, the advertiser associated the “Car Audio” in-market audience segment with two ad groups.

In order to add a negative in-market audience association to one or more ad groups, just click on “Negative Audiences” in the left-hand navigation menu, which is found below “Audiences.”

Several best practices have been suggested by Bing Ads in regards to using in-market audiences.  One suggestion is adding in-market audiences to top-performing ad groups as bid-only with a 20 percent bid adjustment and monitor performance for two weeks before making changes.  This allows you to gather an appropriate amount of data on the audience while still reaching your existing targets.

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