bing adsBing Ads Editor version 11.7 has been released, and with this new version, Bing has added support for mnaing remarketing audience associations.  Not only that, product filters in Shopping campaigns are also supported.

Powered by Universal Event Tracking (UET), Bing Ads remarketing for paid ssearch campaigns allows advertisers to bid on and target past site visitors when those users search on Bing.  In Editor, users can now quickly associate audience lists with multiple ad groups from the Audiences section under Keywords and targeting in the left navigation.  Right now, it looks like share audiences aren’t support yet.

In the ad group editor pane, it’s possible to set the audience targetin to Bid only or Target and Bid.  Bid only lets you set seperate bid adjustments for the audinces while continuing to display eligible ads to all searchers.  Target and Bid limits the targeting to only the selected audince and includes the option to set bid adjustments.

Regarding managing product filters in bulk, under the Keywords and targeting section in Bing Ads Editor’s left navigation menu, there’s a section for Product filters.

From there, it’s possible to create or delete product filters for Shopping campaigns to hone the products you want to target in your campaigns.


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