Bing Ads launched its Bid Landscape tool in the US back in March.  What is the Bid Landscape tool?  It’s the Bing equivalent to the Bid Simulator in Google AdWords.  The Bid Landscape tool has just gotten beefier as Bing Ads has rolled out Bid Landscape at the ad group level.


With Bid Landscapes, it shows things similar to AdWords Bid Simulator, such as estimated cost, click impression and top impression impact of a bid adjustment based on the campaign’s recent history.  As usual, estimates are just that, estimates.  They would show how the performance would have looked like had the bid been changed to something different.  There is no way to guarantee the accuracy of these estimates as neither the Bid Landscape or Bid simulator can see the future.

With the Bid Landscape tool, you are given two options at the Ad Group level.

1.  Advertisers can choose to adjust only the ad group bid without changing any keyword bids within that ad group, or

2.  They can apply the new ad group bid to all the keywords in the group.

This second option, as Bing Ads calls it, is called Uniform Mode.  Bid Landscape will show if a single ad group-level bid will yield the same or better traffic performance, rather than managing the keyword bids separately in that group.

According to Bing Ads, “the ad group level estimations will take into consideration the competitiveness among the keywords within the group, thus the estimation will be more accurate.”

As of this posting, the ad group feature is live is the US, and will be available soon in the non-US market.

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