Bing-logo-orange-RGBBing Ads unveiled a total overhaul of the Home Page dashboard at the account level earlier this month.  This overhaul is meant to provide a complete at-a-glance performance overview.  There have been a couple of more features on Monday.  These two features are

  • Customized Modules
  • Time Period Comparisons

With Customized Modules, you can customize the home page’s many preset modules with filters.  Last week, when the Campaigns tab was released, you can save a filter and hav eit show up as an options module under the Customize Modules dropp-down in the upper left corner of the Home Page.

Below is a screen of a saved filter that shows Keywords with high CTR:



And with the Time Period Comparisons tool, it has been brought over to the Home Page to make it easy to review performance trends.  If you want to check out the comparisons, they will appear in the top KPI summary bar and the performance graph.

The two updates have been brought to the Home Page due to customer feedback.

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