bing-ads-automated-rulesThis week, Bing Ads has released new  automated rules for scheduling key management tasks.

The Program Manager for Campaign Management at Bing Ads, Haily De La Cruz, said in a blog post that one of the most requested features that users wanted was automated rules, and they finally made it a reality.

Once you click on the new Automate button in the web interface, there will be different levels you can select from in your account to assign a rule.there are 13 different rules that are available in this initial release, and some of them include:

  • Enabling and pauising at all levels
  • changing budgets and bids
  • raising keywords to estimated top or page or first page bids

If you choose to set up a rule, it can be applied to all enabled entities or choose specific entities.  Over all, the interface is user friendly and intuitive.  The language is clear and easy to understand as well.  There are several different options, such as in AdWords.  Because of this, you’ll need to plan out the scenarios of the rules before setting them up.  If you already have some rules set up in AdWards, you can use that as an example to help set up your rules in Bing Ads.

Below is an example of a set to increase the daily budgets by 20 percent, but only up to $00 on any enable campaigns that becomes limited by budget at 5pm everyday.  Finally, it’ll send an email whenever the rule is run.


Finally, you can preview the results of your rules before saving them.  This is obviously so you can see if the settings you made are the ones you want.

If you go to the Manage rules option under the Automate tab, you’ll be able to check out any rules you’ve set up, as well as detailed logs on rules, once they’be run.

But, “what if I haven’t set up any automated rules before?” you may ask.  Bing Ads has created several example rules and instructions on how you can get started.


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