In order to help advance their platform, Bing Ads creating a community for the most enthusiastic advertisers.

In an announcement made on Thursday from Franes Donegan-Ryan, Bing Ads Community Manager, he said that the team is looking for active users who want to engage the community and help Bing Ads “build better products,” “push us to be innovative” and “advocate for our tools”.

The benefits that these “Fans” will get includes:

  • the ability to network with other, globally-based search professionals
  • provide feedback on problems and opportunities with the platform directly to the Bing Ads team
  • access to insider news
  • free goodies

If you’re interested, you can sign up at the Bing Ads fan page.  You need to provide answers to a few questions, provide some identification info, and your Account ID.  Currently, it’s unclear what the next step or communication in the process is at the moment but the page teases that there’s gong to be more information soon coming via email and Twitter.

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