Beginning October 17, Bing Ads started rolling out a more streamlined and intuitive mechanism that they call “Multi-Linking” for linking one account to another.

This system allows advertisers to link accounts without needing to classify itself as an agency, as advertisers had to do before.  Not only that, accounts can have a maximum of five managing entities, and billing responsibility can be moved between entities without pausing the account.

The interface will be updated to reflect who has account access.  There is an easy “unlink” option next to each one, as well as a simple “Change who pays” option to facilitate billing changes:

The Multi-Link solution helps to solve the frustrations that existed previously when managing multiple accounts at once, as well as a few roadblocks that would possibly occur with accounts that need to be transitioned from one agency to another.  Multi-Link also provides faster oversight for users attached to multiple accounts, with the ability to run reports across all managed accounts.

It’s important to know that Multi-Lining doesn’t support unlinking from the entity that originally created an account.  If an agency creates an account for a client, it can’t be unlinked from the client end of the relationship.

According to Bing, this is the first part in a multipart upgrade for agencies that want increased options and capabilities with multiple-account management.  The next phase is supposedly Multi-User Access, which would allow users to have a single username that can access multiple Bing Ads customers.  A number of upgrades have been made to Bing Ads Editor this year in the same vein, launching label support and ad extension support within Bing Ads Editor.

Multi-Linking will roll out worldwide over the next several weeks.


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