Bing Ads has released a brand new ad extension out into the wild. Action extensions launched globally in all supported languages Wednesday and are available on desktop and mobile devices.

The action extensions feature one of 70 pre-defined calls-to-action.

When on the desktop, action extensions will show up as a button to the right of the ad copy.

You can associate action extensions at the account, campaign or ad group level, the lowest level taking precedence. There is a limit though, which is 20 action extensions per level.

Action extensions are supported in the web UI, the Bing Ads campaign management service API, the web bulk account management tool, and the bulk API.

There’s even the option to set a URL for an action extension. By leaving the field blnak, Bing Ads will use the ad’s URLs (or the URL at the keyword level, if provided) as the landing page for the extension.

Action extension clicks are charged the same as headline clicks.

This ad extension is found only in Bing Ads, and is no where to be seen in Google.

SourceGinny Marvin