Bing Ads Makes It Possible To Save Column Settings

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Bing-logo-orange-rgbIn Bing Ads news, this week is going to be somewhat busy, as a couple of updates are rolling out, and it’s going to be pretty nice for Bing Ads users.  When these updates roll out, you’ll be able to save columns in the Bing Ads interface in what ever order you choose to see them in.

All though the update is pretty small, it will have a pretty big impact, as you won’t have to keep recreating your ideal column view and then see it disappear when you’re done.  You can save the column views you want at the account level.



In order to save a set of columns,

  1. Click “Modify columns from the drop down at any level of the account
  2. Choose and order the metrics of your choosing the way you want them viewed
  3. Click the “Save this set of columns” box and give it a name.

If know you’re going to be saving a lot of lists, don’t worry about them getting them all shuffled together in one big mess, as you cn group them by categories instead of one big list of metrics.



Finally, another feature that has been available for what seems like forever in AdWords has come to Bing Ads.

Original Source by Ginny Marvin

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